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What you all do here at this place is really extraordinary, the diverse crowd of people, all of whom want their own needs to be met, and the grace and tact, and consideration you spend honoring these. But also your stewardship of the land, your meticulous care, cleanliness, high standards, and insistence on rules being met, are such a testament to you and your family, and are the reason why we choose to come back every year.

We are so grateful for your work and know, because we have been there too, that the hours you spend are enormous.

--Manon, Minneapolis

Chuck R, Rochester
Located just three miles east of Lanesboro, Minnesota, Eagle Cliff offers something for everyone. Accommodations include riverfront tent sites, full hookups, and a five-room motel on site. Eagle Cliff offers group camping, a picnic area, private canoe launch, and wonderfully-clean central restrooms.

We will be have our annual Root River Clean up this year on September 9th. We donate canoes and shuttles to anyone that will help us clean up the river. We also provide t-shirts and lunch. There also will be prizes for each person that helps us out. Please sign up soon. We have to have a count for food and t-shirts. You can call to sign up at (507)467-2598. Thank you and hope to see you then!

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